Debs Howard

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 120 lbs

Debs Howard

MR. WRITE                                  Rebecca (Principal)                 PixL / Rick Bota

iZOMBIE                                      Steph (Recurring)                    CW / Rob Thomas

THE X FILES                                 Girl 2 (Actor)                            FOX / Chris Carter

SUPERNATURAL                         Julie Miller (Principal)             CW / John Showalter

THE EVIL IN US                           Brie Armstrong (Lead)           Dir. Jason William LeeEVEN LAMBS HAVE TEETH                  Clerk (Principal)                       Dir. Terry Miles

CAW                                             Clarisse (Large Principal)       Dir. Jeremy Lutter
DAY FOR NIGHT                         Deborah (Lead)                       Dir. Michael Ian Farrell
DARK WATERS OF CRIME         Misty Cockerill (Principal)      
OWN / Greg Nosaty

CLIENTS FROM HELL                Debby (Principal)                     TGK Films

UNREPRESENTED                     Stacy (Principal)                       Rutabaga Productions

1,000 THINGS                            Carla (Large Principal)            Dir. Bryce Bladon


ANDY WARHOL EXHIBIT          Marilyn Monroe (Lead)           AGGV Ent.             
ANNIE                                         Miss Hannigan (Principal)      Parkland Productions

PLAY STATION             Principal       The Herd Films

DOWNY                       Principal        Canadian National / Capital Media Co

ALZHEIMERS ASSC     Principal        Canadian National / Leo Burnett USA

MILLER LITE                 Principal        Canadian National / Film Group

SWISS CHALET            Principal        Canadian National / Factory Films
SUBARU                       Principal        Canadian National / East Van Studios
COCA COLA                 Principal        US National / The Herd Films
TIM HORTONS            Principal        Canadian National / Film Group


NEW BALANCE          VoiceOver         Worldwide / Arnold Worldwide

Training & Workshops

Acting Intensive Workout               Andrew McIlroy
On Camera Scene Study                 Ben Ratner
Professional Actors Workout         John Emmet Tracy
On-Camera Audition                       Crystal Lowe / Simon Longmore
Audition Class                                  Jeb Beach

Scene Study Master Class              Fiona Hogan

Full Time Acting Diploma               Victoria Motion Picture School:

                                                           John Emmet Tracy, Tim Burd, Chris Mackie, David Mills



Hand to hand stage combat


Piano (advanced)

Guitar (novice)

Percussion (novice)

Mountain biking

Rock Climbing

Ice skating